Worsley Business Lounge was set up in 2014 by three local business women. The idea was to bring local businesses together in a relaxed, informal but luxurious environment to grow business and connect with others. As many people these days work alone if they are self-employed WBL provides a meeting place where business people can get together (self-employed and employed), network, discuss ideas and make connections. It is amazing what can come out of this monthly meetings and the relationships that develop.

The meetings are held on the last Friday of the month at 9am at Alberts Restaurant & Bar, Worsley and include a full english or continental breakfast. The meeting officially starts at 9.30am and runs to around 10.30/11am.

We also organise regular social events throughout the year for our members.

 About the Founders 

<strong>Michelle Hall</strong>
Michelle HallMillhall Financial Ltd
Michelle owns Millhall Financial Ltd and her office is in Worsley. She started her financial career back in 2002 and now can help with you any financial needs. She specialises in mortgages and protection and has access to other financial services.

Michelle deals with the finances at Worsley Business Lounge and keeps us on track!

<strong>Natalie Fisher</strong>
Natalie FisherOutspoken By Design
Natalie is the owner of Outspoken By Design, based in Sale. After doing an apprenticeship in graphic design and working for a sign company for 4 years, Natalie decided to start working for herself and set up Outspoken By Design in July 2012. She has worked for big companies such as Boost Juice Bars but also works with alot of Small business owners to help them develop a brand.
Natalie is responsible for all the design aspects for Worsley Business Lounge.
My professional work as a highly experienced forensic accountant has enabled me over the past 12 months to assist 3 members of the group with obtaining high quality legal and financial advice over a varied set of business difficulties. The group is an expanding business of skilled entrepreneurial individuals meeting in a friendly and informal environment.

Would wholeheartedly recommend WBL and have introduced 2 new members.

Steve Redhead, R & M Forensic Accountants
The team at JTS Insurance provided us with a friendly, simple and speedy service for our business insurance. As well as their great service they also saved us over £1000 a year whilst also allowing us to pay in instalments which was much better for our business than our previous supplier. This was a great connection made through Worsley Business Lounge
Craig - Mclellan Clothing